Substance Instead Of Spectacle

Ayzit Bostan makes Fashion for the Stage of Life

Designs by Munich fashion designer Ayzit Bostan combine contrasts playfully: wearable without being commercial, simple and complex at the same time – and always suitable for everyday wear. Insiders have considered the label a secret tip for years. Ayzit Bostan is making fashion with substance – for women and men who don’t want to be different from how they are…
by Franziska Horn, Goethe Institut

Things just happen

Konstantin Grcic über das Kettenkleid

Es passt zu Ayzit Bostan, dass sie behauptet, die dinge entstehen einfach so. Die Modedesignerin scheut es, große Worte über ihre Arbeit zu verlieren.Ihre Kollektionen elegant-minimalistischer Kleider entstehen bei einem konzentrierten Arbeitsprozeß im Münchener Atelier…
by Konstantin Grcic, QVEST

In the Studio with Ayzit Bostan

In Munich, there is a hidden courtyard where Ayzit Bostan creates her world of elegance, small, beautifully tailored collections that don’t run by seasons, but by inspiration. Ayzit’s demeanor comes across more like an artist than the over-the-top typeperson which often goes hand in hand with ‘fashion people’ (who are they?)…